How to generate/create/build image manifest

I feel like this is a very basic scenario but I can’t find this information anywhere. How do I create a manifest and attach / associate it to my image?

Big picture:
What I’m trying to do is practice setting up a simple JAVA REST app in a docker container and put that in a kubernetes pod on AWS.

Current roadblock:
the manifest file.

I’ve found what the manifest should look like.
And I’ve found an experimental (a.k.a NSFW hehe) way of producing the manifest.

Do I need to type it all by hand?
Is the filename just “manifest”?
Does it reside at the same level as the Dockerfile?

I feel like it shouldn’t take anyone more than a couple of minutes to find this information online, yet I’ve been searching for quite a while now with no results.

I appreciate the help!

The manifest is part of the jar being executed. Not part of the docker image itself. Took quite a bit of inferring to decipher that error.

I don’t understand. Why is the manifest for the image a part of the jar that’s executed inside the container?

I’m running up against the same problem. I just want to take a few images, create image manifests, and then create a manifest list from these image manifests. The push all of it to my private registry.

The part of all this that I’m missing is creating the image manifests.