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How to get rid of welcome banner and use the pudb software

The image that I am using is one with pudb installed on it. It is gisjedi/pudb. I got it when I used search pudb after of course starting Docker.

It has PUDB for python 2.7. That is perfect, however, I am having some issues. This I was told was hard to find. pudb python 2.7. pudb support ended for Python 2.7 ended last New Year’s eve. The pudb Python 2.7 version ended earlier.

I am just wanting to use this image: gisjedi/pudb. When I do pudb opens with welcome box (after I type pudb
*.py, but trying to get rid of that box is virtually impossible.

There seems to be no way to get rid of it. I tried ctrl X and it worked once, once! Now nothing works.

I could attach a screenshot of the starting image. I do not know how to do that or even if I can do that.

Any help appreciated.



Okay, I got this one. One just has to load a file. Do not take the default.

Thanks anyway.