How to install Docker Personal

I want to install Docker Personal, but AFAIK there is one single installer Docker Desktop Installer. Is it a configuration option? I really just need the Personal for the time being and/or when a cashflow can justify anything more than that. Thank you…

So reviewing ‘upgrade’, am I correct in understanding the default install is Personal, with Pro, Team, etc, requiring Buy?

Whether it is Personal, Pro or anything else is just the matter of subscription. The downloadable Docker Desktop will be the same. So your last assumption is close to the truth, except even if you buy Pro subscription, Docker Desktop will not change. When you decide to pay for a subscription to have more feature on Docker Hub or increase your download rate limit, you can pay and login using the Desktop GUI or the CLI

I see; no, I think that is a pretty assessment. Appreciate the clarificatoin of the other pros cons, however. Thanks.