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How To Install Enterprise Odoo On A Docker Container? 💻

Hello Docker Hub!

I found an excellent page on Docker Hub that the official Odoo website links to. The link in the official Odoo website is as follows: The web page Odoo links to is located at the following URL:

This web-page explains how to run an Odoo server with the Postgres back-end database using Docker containers.This works easily as described in the page. Excellent.

However, I looked on the page and could not tell if this is a community edition or an enterprise edition. I would assume this is a community edition as the enterprise requires an expensive license.

Is there anyway to configure the community version as an enterprise version? I am not sure how one would go about this with Docker. From one perspective all I would need to do is enter a license key. From another perspective I may need to know much more about Docker to first create an enterprise Odoo server image and then create the Odoo container.

Thank-you for reading this.