How to install LDAP addon in Odoo

I’m using Docker to install Odoo on my Linux Centos server. I need to use LDAP so I downloaded the Authentication via LDAP and saved the addon on my server in the directory /mnt/extra-addons/auth_ldap. I started the Odoo container in Docker and pointed a Docker volume at the addon directory. Below is the command I used.

docker run -v /path/to/addons:/mnt/extra-addons/auth_ldap -p 8069:8069 --name odoo --link db:db -t odoo

The instructions Say “After installing this module, you need to configure the LDAP parameters in the Configuration tab of the Company details”. But I can’t find the LDAP settings in the company configuration tab.

Where is the configuration tab in Odoo? Do I need to enable the addon somehow?

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Docker does add the addon module to the Odoo server, but the addon must be installed before its possible to configure the LDAP settings. In version 9 of Odoo it is difficult install, because filters on the App page hide many included addons from appearing in the list of modules. The following are the instructions for install the auth_ldap addon for Odoo Version 9.

-Click on Administrator / About/ Activate the developer mode
-Click Ok
-Go to Apps / Update Apps List / Update
-Afterward update finished then click on the x next to Apps in the search box.
-Type ‘auth’ then click enter
-Click on install in Authentication via LDAP
-After install finishes click Setting/ General Settings/ Configure your company data/ Configuration / Edit
-Then add LDAP parameters.