How to keep files on EFS after `volume rm`

Expected behavior

When using EFS with Cloudstor, is there any way to keep EFS storage contents even if I delete volume?
I’d like to keep contents.

Actual behavior

volume rm $cloudstor_volume cleans up all files under shared directory on EFS. It looks like to there is no option not to delete.


I want to another option to just unmount.

@sawanoboly The docker volume created using cloudstor maps to a directory on the EFS. After you create the volume using docker volume create -d "cloudstor:aws" --opt backing=shared mysharedvol1, you can mount the volume as needed to a container (docker run -v mysharedvol1:/data containername). Once the container exits, the volume is no longer actively used by any container and that is the unmounted state of the Docker volume where the data in the volume is not being used. Does that clarify/help?

Thank you for reply.
I learned that if you leave the volume data will be retained.

However, I am worried about the case where EFS data is used from other than docker and it disappears unintentionally due to the influence of volume prune.