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How to link parent repositories in docker cloud?


(Julian) #1

how to link parent repositories in docker cloud?

today i switched from docker hub to docker cloud because i wanted to use multiple tags with autobuild (9,stretch,latest). my Dockerfile uses the official debian:strech image as FROM source. on docker hub i had this nice feature

Repository Links
your Automated Build to another Docker Hub repository, and when that
repository is updated, it will automatically trigger a rebuild of this
Automated Build.

i can’t find this feature on docker cloud. is this feature not implemented there? is there a workaround? i would love to rebuild my image if the source image (debian) changes.

(Marius311) #2

Any news on this or has anyone found a workaround? I don’t see the option to link parent repositories either on Docker Cloud.

(Nikolausdemmel) #3

I am also looking for this feature in docker cloud for dependencies between my repositories.