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How to move services to organization?

Previously, I created an organization and put all of my repositories in it. My services and nodes, it appears, are attached to my user account however. What is the process to move my nodes, clusters and services to the organization?

Edit: Actually, it appears that everything except my repositories are associated with my personal account and not the organization. I’m guessing that this has been the case all along and the new UI changes have just made it apparent.


I, too, am wondering how to move all the stacks, services and nodes from my user account to my organization’s account.

This might help: Link cloud provider to Organization account
My comment on that post lets you edit the configuration settings for an organization on docker-cloud.

  • the other square divs on the welcome page let you add node-clusters/services/stacks etc. (also view-able from side-menu when on org account using the new UI).

That lets me add stuff to my organization account. However I already have a bunch of things setup in my personal account (because organizations didn’t exist in the UI previously) that I need to migrate and I would like to avoid doing it by hand/with downtime. For example, I have an HA Proxy setup, DNS entries that point to HA Proxy, a number of services running, nodes, etc. I can recreate all of the stuff in the organization and then redirect DNS and then tear everything down in my personal account but I really want to avoid having to do that.

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The new Organisation addition is great, but I am stuck with the same problem. How do we transfer easily things from our personal account to the organisation account now?

Same problem. I want to be able to transfer ownership of nodes & services to an existing organisation. Cant see a way to do it.

I’ll join in on the issue. Lots of services currently running on my personal account, and would want to avoid to physically move them due to DNS issues. We need a way to just logically link these resources to another tenant?

We also have an existing Organisation, and an existing user account with all of our services added. We obviously don’t want to create another organisation from the existing account, we just want to simply say ‘these services should now be owned by the organisation, rather than this user’

This was the first thing I was thinking when I saw the new Organization launch today. How do I migrate everything from my account to organization. Stacks, etc.

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I want to do the same thing - move everything from my account to an existing organization. I already went through this once with Docker Hub and have a dangling extra organization account. If I have to convert my personal account to an organization and that’s my only route to doing this I won’t be happy.

Existing individual accounts can be converted to Organizations by navigating to the Account Settings page on Docker Hub. Just click Convert to Organization at the bottom of the page to start the organization conversion process: (a native Docker Cloud account conversion flow will be available soon).

We’re exploring additional options for migrating individual services, stacks, and nodes between an individual account and an Organization. In the meantime, you can always move objects from one account to another by launching new clusters and moving stacks with a copy/paste action.

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@pkennedyr Can you let us know the kind of timeline you are looking at for additional migration options? If this is a thing that is a high priority for you, then I can probably just deal with having the mixed personal/organization account thing until better migration options are available. If it is a low priority for you, then I’ll likely take a more pro-active approach to resolving this problem myself by hand or find another provider if that ends up being too much effort.

In this case, a realistic estimate would be more appreciated than an empty promise as it will allow me to decide how I want to move forward. At the moment I am dealing with having to switch back and forth between organization and personal account depending on what I am trying to see.


@micahzoltu: The team is actively exploring alternate migration solutions in light of the feedback raised in this topic. There are considerations like registering nodes in the overlay of the target user, resolution of the DNS, etc.

We will keep this post updated as further updates are available on this topic. In the meantime (within the next 30 days), if you need to utilize org functionality on objects currently residing within a personal account, we recommend migrating existing objects to the target organization via current Cloud functionality.

Any update on this? Still need to move stacks and nodes over.

It took more than 30 days. Any news in that topic?

Any word yet on when these issue will be resolved. We really need to change the ownership of our existing infrastructure to our existing organization

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I second Martin’s comment above. Just a rough timescale.