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How to point top level domain to docker cloud service endpoint

(Beal) #1

I’ve been able to get our entire infrastructure up and running via docker-cloud on AWS and I’m about ready to go live, but I can’t figure out how to get our primary domain name to point to a service endpoint because I can’t use a CNAME at the top level that has our MX, etc.

We are using AWS Route 53 and docker cloud, and that is it. Any help would be much appreciated, it seems like this would be a pretty simple solution with some type of elastic IP or something like that.

(Pukkasoftware) #2

There are some DNS providers who support apex CNAMEs. Amazon appears to support this when pointing at an S3 or CloudFront distro but maybe not to third party infrastructure like Docker Cloud. We use for an app we host on Heroku so you might consider that as an alternative.

(Mattgi) #3

Did you resolve this using AWS?

Because of a requirement to also use HTTPS, I am currently configuring SSL from within NGINX and then was simply CNAME-ing the Cloud NGINX endpoints to Route53. This works fine for and but, as you say, makes it impossible for

I briefly looked at running CloudFront in front but there is a cost associated in doing this, and SSL is more complex, so am not sure how to solve things - would be awesome to hear what you ended up with.