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How to pull docker image from private registry to the open shift cluster under image streams using using fabric8 java client

I am trying to pull a docker image from my private repository using fabric8 docker client for java.

The secret and image stream gets created on the open shift cluster but the image count shown as 0 as the image does not get pulled from the private repository .

This is my code . Please suggest to pull the image from private repo(abc/hello-world) …

public boolean createImageStream(String token, ImageStreamRequest imageStreamRequest) throws BaseExceptionBean{"----- creatImageStream started STARTED --");
        try {
          final String namespace;
         final User user = new User(imageStreamRequest.getUserName());
          String secretName = null;
          OpenShiftClient userClient = createOpenShiftClient(user);
          namespace = imageStreamRequest.getNameSpace(imageStreamRequest.getUserName()) ;
"Using configured namespace: {}", namespace);
         // secretName = resolveSecret(userClient, namespace, imageStreamRequest);
          final boolean secretSuccess = createOrUpdateSecret(imageStreamRequest, userClient);
            if (!secretSuccess) {
      "Error Creating secret for User:{}", user.getUserName());
          TagReference pol = new TagReference();
          pol.setReferencePolicy(new TagReferencePolicy("Local"));
          final ImageStream imageStream = userClient.imageStreams().inNamespace(namespace).createOrReplace(new ImageStreamBuilder()

"Created image stream: {}", imageStream.getMetadata().getName());
        } catch (final Exception ex){
            LOGGER.error("Exception occurred while creating ImageStream:" +ex.getMessage());
            throw new SystemException(ErrorMessageConstant.errorPrefix + ErrorMessageConstant.CODE_4009_MSG,
                    ErrorMessageConstant.CODE_4009_MSG, new Date(), ex.getMessage(), SystemException.SYSTEM.OPENSHIFT);

       return true;