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How to remove <none> images after building

(Dhpatel) #21

docker system prune will do the work. It will remove any unused images though. but I am sure, all worthy images should have been pushed to the registry so it should be okay to prune it, depending on your environment though.

(Sam D Ware) #22

If you are running Docker For Windows, the following will work:

echo off&for /f “delims=” %A in ('docker images -f “dangling=true” -q ') do docker rmi %A & echo on


To remove all images which aren’t associated with a running container:

docker image prune -a

The -a parameter is the crucial bit here.

If you want to force the action to occur without a confirmation prompt, you may add the -f parameter, like so:

docker image prune -af

Note: -af is the same as specifying -a and -f separately


If you are like me and keep trying out interactive terminal sessions on images all the time, you will see a lot of : images in the list. They are all linked to stopped containers that you used earlier. Cleanup containers and then cleanup images

docker container prune
docker image prune