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How to restore Docker Installation from disk image

I’m hoping someone can help here.

My situation is “pretty” simple. I have a Mac Mini with a crash SSD and an intact HDD (it’s a fusion drive). So I have all the User Data, but none of the OS data.

The Mac Mini was running Docker For Mac latest version until a few days ago under Mac OS Catalina. I have access to the data as mentioned before and was hoping I could restore my Docker for Mac installation on another machine to scrape off the config files in my named volumes so I can restore all my docker images + configs.

So far, I’ve tried to move the whole ~/Library/Containers/com.docker.docker folder after killing the background docker agents on the to be restored machine. Unfortunately, that wasn’t much success as the console showed “still waiting for osxfs-data” and “Get “http://unix/ping”: dial unix lifecycle-server.sock” and the docker bin would never start.

I was hoping someone could help shed some light what was missing here to make the docker installation work or how I can at a minimum mount the Docker.raw file that seems to be the VMs disk image holding my named volumes?!