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How to setup a domain for Docker Cloud stack

(Ottomatik) #1

Are there any clear directions on how to point your own domain name to a stack URL? I know that this is likely done with a CNAME record, but my application uses wildcard subdomain names for account IDs. {account} Therefore I need the root of the domain to point to the stack URL while still maintaining other CNAME records like, MX records etc.

Is this possible? Is there somewhere or some method where A records could be specified?

(Maxbaun) #2

@ottomatik did you end up figuring out how to do this? I’m trying to do something similar with a stack. Basically have a Wordpress container being a dockercloud/haproxy container (exposing port 80). Accessing it via the docker container endpoint ( works totally fine. But I’m not entirely sure of the DNS settings that need to be applied to route a root domain to that endpoint…