How to start Redis service

Hi all,
I am in a container and need just to restart Redis services. How??

ps -aef | grep redis
redis 1 0 0 22:37 ? 00:00:02 redis-server *:6379
root 30 22 0 23:26 ? 00:00:00 grep redis

cd /etc/init.d
README rcS single umountfs
bootlogs killprocs procps reboot skeleton halt motd rc rmnologin udev umountroot rc.local sendsigs udev-finish urandom

redis-server stop
redis-server: unrecognized service

From outside either:

root@ip-172-31-47-142:/data# docker exec -ti myredis redis-server stop
redis-server: unrecognized service

Docker version:
root@ip-172-31-47-142:/data# docker --version
Docker version 17.03.0-ce, build 60ccb22

best would be to avoid this use case. keep container lifetime as short as possible. restart containers as often as possible.
In many cases you also do not such a supervisor/init.d/… in your container, cause containers kept to be minimal.

You need to restart the container.
One container = one process.

Thanks both …