How to supply dockerd options?

Expected behavior

The --dns, --dns-opts and --dns-search options can be set “somehow”.

Actual behavior

I have no idea where to get started?


The Docker Beta installation went smoothly. I can run one-off containers without a problem, for example:

docker run --dns="<our dns ip>" --dns-search="<our search domain>" --rm -ti debian:jessie

Now, I’d like to be able to use the same DNS settings when running docker build so I can access the package repositories of our company network. Therefore I was looking for a way to pass these options to dockerd running somewhere in the xhyve container. However, I’m struggling to find that particular piece of information in the docs. Help?

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Oww … found a workaround: Docker pull not using correct DNS server when private registry on VPN

I screen-ed to the docker VM, added the options to /etc/init.d/docker (eeek) and called /etc/init.d/docker restart.

Are those settings maintained between reboots? My research implies they are not

We too need to use the docker run parameter dns-opt in docker cloud, but it appears to not be supported?

Perhaps somebody from docker cloud wants to chime in? :slight_smile: