How to understand the Existing Docker Swarm Configuration


Am new to this forum, Please advise me if my presenting is not good.

And also new to Docker Swarm configuration, I understand this tool is to manage the node & clusters.


Developers developed the Application and push code to the Bitbucket repository

The old DevOps admin used docker service command to update the Docker image with tag of latest.

My Question is how the changes should push to docker images is there any mechanism like jenkins or any other tool.

Am expecting idea how the environment is configured & what are the tools already used for this setup.

two web server, one worker, one db container these containers are updating with latest docker image that image having the lastesr code

After updating the docker image using docker service update command to update the running container in rolling time of 30s

What is the mechanism used for docker image update

Yes, to update docker images you can use a CI system like jenkins. You can also have a simple shell script to do the same, but CI systems have many advanced capabilities like notifications, triggering other builds in a pipeline etc.

The basic structure of events will be to clone the repository from bitbucket. The assumption is that the Dockerfile is also present in the same repository, else you will have to figure out a way to fetch the Dockerfile. Once you have the Dockerfile, you should be able to cd into the project folder and build an image using docker build -t <app>:latest -f <path to Dockerfile> .

This link below may be helpful to further your understanding:

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Hi anoop, thanks for your comment & link am go throwing it I will let you if am stuck anywhere.

Once again thank you so much.

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