How to use docker in ppc 64 bits target

Hello everybody,

I need some help !
I don’t know how to execute docker in a ppc 64bits target with Debian 9.
I want to use Docker in order to isolate a program.

Do you can give me some tips for resolve this problem ?

Thanks a lot,


You may look at the guide here How to Install and Use Docker on Debian 9 by Brian Hogan and Hanif Jetha. They explain it step by step. With the configuration details too. (Article is posted on 8 September).

RJ Moonk
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Thank you for this post but i need to have a docker engine for my PPC 64bits Big Endian Architecture and the link describe how to install docker in a amd 64 bit architecture
“sudo add-apt-repository “deb [arch=amd64] $(lsb_release -cs) stable””

So, I think this guide will not work on my target .

Do you have an idea to deal with this problem ?

Thank you

For running Docker on a ppc64 architecture with Debian 9: check official Docker support, explore alternative containerization tools like Podman, or consider emulation with QEMU.