How to write from a shell script to a file that is a docker volume?

I have a file that is a docker volume. I run a entrypoint shell script once my docker compose image comes up. This script tries to write to the volume file which is called docker-entrypoint.logging, but nothing shows up in that file. What am I doing wrong.

echo "Logging from docker-entrypoint" > docker-entrypoint.logging

    platform: linux/amd64
    image: archwaynetwork/archwayd:v0.2.0
    command: > 
      start --x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants
      && apt-get update
      && apt-get install -y curl
    entrypoint: /
      - 1317:1317   # API
      - 9090:9090   # gRPC
      - 9091:9091   # gRPC-web
      - 26656:26656 # p2p
      - 26657:26657 # RPC
      - ./scripts/
      - ./scripts/docker-entrypoint.logging:/docker-entrypoint.logging
      - data:/root/.archway