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How will these overlapping bind mounts work

How will the overlapping bind mounts work in this case? I am trying to create a centralized log server with fluentd. This run command is for the fluentd container that forwards logs to the fluentd server. I have tried to mount /data at the end. I want to keep all 3 mounts.

docker run -d -p 24224:24224 -p 24224:24224/udp -p 5140:5140 --restart unless-stopped -v /data/docker-hub/fluentd/etc:/fluentd/etc -v /data/docker-hub/fluentd/log:/fluentd/log -v /data:/data -u root -e FLUENTD_CONF=fluentd.conf --name fluentd-agent fluent/fluentd:v1.4.2-debian-1.0