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HRM on port 443 with SNI

(Mattatttu) #1

We are conducting a trial of Docker EE. I have UCP running on port 9443 and DTR running on port 8443. I’ve enabled the routing mesh on ports 80 and 443. I’m attempting to use SNI to proxy requests to a friendly URL over HTTPS through to a container that is listening on port 443. I’ve also configured HTTP requests to route via HRM to port 80 on the container.

When I access http://friendly.url, I get the web page I expect.

When I access https://friendly.url, I get the UCP login page.

I’ve configured the load balancer UCP name in admin settings.

I’ve also tested to make sure my container is working with SSL outside of Swarm.

Any ideas on why the HRM is sending me to the UCP login instead of to my application?

(Mattatttu) #2

Update: I just tried changing the SSL HRM port to a non-standard port (I used 8090). Following that change, when I browse to https://friendly.url:8090, I’m redirected to the UCP login page. So, this issue is not because I’m using a standard port of 443 for SSL requests.