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HTTP 400 pulling some layers of e.g. redis

(Alphasimian) #1

See GitHub docker-library/redis/issues/32

So, this is something that’s become a bit of a catch-22 for us. I want to pull down a redis image (using docker compose, but it fails the same way with straight docker pull) for use in an app I’m building. It takes a long, loooooong, time, but eventually always fails with HTTP 400 at some point (it’s always the same point, for me – pulling the dependent layers on 8e84d9ce7554)

The redis repo maintainer says (in essence) “not my fault, talk to docker.” So – help me, Obi Wan! Where do we go next?

(Jeff Anderson) #2

What version of docker are you using when you get this error? I just successfully pulled using 1.8.1 on two different systems.

It looks like the issue you have reference has been marked as closed since others have seen this incorrect behavior stop:

Can you retest and see if the issue is solved?

(Alphasimian) #3

Ironically, it’s magically started working here, as well.

For the record:

➜ boxes_public git:(master) docker -v
Docker version 1.8.1, build d12ea79