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httpd does not work ProxyPassMatch

(Alex) #1

I use the docker image httpd:latest
need to make a connection to the container of the image defconjuan/docker-php-5.2:latest
for this, as I understand it is necessary to register the directive PProxyPassMatch ^/(..php(/.)?)$ fcgi://php:9000/usr/local/apache2/htdocs/$1 in httpd.conf.
and for this, enable LoadModule proxy_module modules/
As soon as I turn it on, the container stops working and I just can’t understand what needs to be fixed.

root@debian:/docker/ docker-compose ps
Name Command State Ports

httpd_app httpd-foreground Exit 1
mariadb_app mysqld Up>3306/tcp
nginx_app nginx -g daemon off; Up>80/tcp
php52_app /src/ run Up 50022/tcp,>80/tcp, 9000/tcp
phpmyadmin_app / supervisord -n -j … Up>80/tcp, 9000/tcp
root@debian:/docker/ docker-compose logs -f httpd
Attaching to httpd_app
httpd_app exited with code 1