HyperV and host sleep issues

So I have a recent laptop with a new Ryzen 7 processor in it, and after installing Hyper-V and Docker for Windows my machine will not sleep any more. If you close the lid or let it go to sleep on its own, it will hard freeze so that even the toggle light on the Caps Lock button does not work. I have to hold down the power button and boot cold to make it work at all. Hibernation still works, but it’s much slower.

The OS is fully updated, there are no BIOS updates available since the machine was launched last month, and I have tweaked a great many power options but none have made any difference. The BIOS does not have a setting to change the voltage or frequencies, so I don’t believe that to be a factor despite a few other sources on the internet seeming to believe it to be at fault for other HyperV host-sleep-issues.

I am really happy with with the performance of HyperV and I would very much prefer not to go back to VirtualBox just to get sleep working again.

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I have the same issue on Dell Inspiron 13 7000 with Ryzen 5 CPU. Any workarounds?

Even in 2020, Ryzen 7 latest gen with latest windows 10 (1903), the same problem persists.