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I don't see Swarm Mode toggle in Docker UI


(Viktor Ershov) #1

For some reason I don’t see Swarm Mode toggle in Docker Cloud UI:

Why is it? Am I missing something?


(Josephhill1) #2

I am having the exact same problem. I also can’t link any cloud service providers under my account settings. It is completely blank. No AWS, Azure, etc. This completely breaks a huge part of the usability of Docker.

(Imaraz) #3

The same happens to me. I’m trying to link AWS but when I click the “Service providers” tab nothing is shown.

(Tpc000001) #4

Same thing for me. Kind of hard to link an AWS account when there are no settings available to do so…

(Jan Lehnhardt) #5

Yeah, me too. Though I am kinda relieved that I am not the only one on the planet having this problem, it would be nice to know that this is going to be fixed.

(Olegl) #6

I don’t see any UI to connect to Cloud Provider too.

(Nicole764) #7

Docker swarm is currently in beta stage on docker cloud. check here

(Bjorn Theart) #8

Also having the same issue

(Olegl) #9

It does not help. I even can’t see a switch to swarm beta. Strange issue.

(Olegl) #10

(Elliott) #11

Maybe I’m confused, but the documentation is telling me to click things that don’t exist and I’m pretty frustrated. There is no “Node dashboard”. There is no option to toggle to swarm mode. Is the documentation outdated or am I missing something?

I just want to know how to install docker on my host and deploy my stuff. I think this guide is relevant, but I’m not really migrating anything.

(Opozot) #12

I have the same problem, can’t do anything really, any advice?

(Ghmedia) #13

same problem here, how can i follow this?
whithout the options?? wtf?

(Primpraw23) #14

It’s a very interesting article. New knowledge I use it again, thank you very much.