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I got exception: Trying to create PDF using chromium blink while running in Window Docker

Net Core 2.1/3.1
Chrome version: 77.0.3865.90
Windows 10

I’m trying to perform HTML to PDF conversion with the class library in Window Docker using NET Core 2.1/3.1. The HTML converter has some additional chromium binaries to generate the PDF document and we have included those binaries in a docker container.

The actual issue is, when we run the application for converting URL to pdf using chromium headless mode. We have a button for conversion, whenever we tried the perform the HTML to PDF conversion. It does not launch the chromium process in windows docker, and then it will launch the “Operation taking longer than expected error” and error on click of the terminate button.

I have also tried some command-line arguments to launch the browser,("–no-sandbox"), ("–disable-extensions"), ("–disable-setuid-sandbox") and I tried to increase the container storage size, still we are getting the same exception.

Can someone help me to resolve this exception in Window docker using chromium binaries in VS2019 and VS2017?

Gowtham K

How to run chrome in headless mode
Getting Started with Headless Chrome | Web, This guy managed to run Chrome headlessly by using Xvfb (X virtual It maybe possible that this headless mode is only for running apps and The easiest way to get started with headless mode is to open the Chrome binary from the command line. If you’ve got Chrome 59+ installed, start Chrome with the --headless flag: chrome \ --headless

Any way to start Google Chrome in headless mode?, Starting with Chrome 59 (Chrome 60 for Windows) we can simply pass Chrome a few configuration options to enable headless mode. An Example. Before we start​ To open Chrome Headless you need to open a Chrome binary in the command line. If you only recognize a couple of words in that sentence, don’t worry. It’s simple and we’re about to walk through it step by step. First, open your command line application.

How To Run Your Tests Headlessly with Chrome, Headless Chromium allows running Chromium in a headless/server environment​. Start a normal Chrome binary with the --headless command line flag Headless Chrome is a way to run Chrome browser without the actual browser UI being spawned. Essentially its running Chrome without chrome! It brings all modern web platform features provided by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine to the command line and automation testing tool such as Selenium in our case

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