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I have a "init" service that runs and finishes, but maks DockerCloud think my stack is "Partly Running"


(Eric Pugh) #1

I have an init service that on startup does some housekeeping things like create a Solr index, and trigger some data loading processes. Then it finishes. However, when it finishes, DockerCloud thinks that my stack is “Partly Running”.

The init process can take up to 10 minutes to complete, once all services are up. Is there a better approach? How do other people trigger data import processes that are one time?

(Eric Pugh) #2

Still no good ideas, other then having a loop that runs for forever to keep the “init” process alive!

(John Thayer) #3

When I had that scenario I ended my “init” with a 365-day sleep. Ugly, for sure, but better than Partially Running.

(Eric Pugh) #4

Wow! I guess if it’s not really using many resources, that’s fine! Thanks.

(Imjosh2) #5

put that service in its own stack