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I have just upgrade docker to 1.11 and now redeploying service does not work

(Mwaaas) #1

now am getting this error when I try to redeploy my services

web-1: Creating in with docker name web-1.tumacredo-prod.c6310bcb
ERROR: web-1: Overlay network not configured in node 816c8a0e-d75a-4526-b634-a97dd0130a44
ERROR: Service Redeploy action on ‘web’ (using ‘tumacredo/apis:latest’) has failed

FYI i have only one node

Redeployment not working after I did an upgrade to 1.11.2-cs5
(Mtremper) #2

The docker cloud agent uses Docker 1.9.1-cs2. As far as I know you cannot update docker yourself.

(Fernando Mayo) #3

@mtremper We are slowly releasing support for 1.11-cs1, so some users already have the option available.

@mwaaas As discussed offline, there was an issue upgrading the engine on your node (the layer checksum operation that needs to be done when upgrading to 1.10+ took too much time) and the overlay network was not created properly. We fixed this in your node and you should be able to deploy now.

We are also improving the 1.9 to 1.11 upgrade process to include a pre-calculation of layer checksums ( to reduce downtime during the upgrade.