Image deployment problems

Hi Docker friends!

I pulled down a bunch of practical and useful docker images only to find they don’t work out of the box (or in the container).

It may be Portainer making things screwy, but isn’t a GUI is supposed to make image deployment easy and fast?

Host: Rancher linux VM on my server at home.


Beehive - Admin interface doesn’t load at all.
Pi-Hole - Admin interface is blocking itself.
Wordpress - Needs database configuration.
Piwik - Needs database config.
SEO Panel - Needs database config.
Odoo- 500 Internal server error.
Vault - 404 Page not found.
Plex - Doesn’t prompt for setup as a new server, only a login screen.

Doing the deploy from the command line on the linux box creates the same results.

Am I missing something in the deployment process, or is there something else needed to ensure 1-click reliable deploy of any image in the docker library?