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Images in the global/root namespace

(Chris Fordham) #1

Is it possible to do this i.e. not in a /repository/ just at root e.g. ?

The docs are not clear on this and we’ve tried to push on admin level and it comes back unauthorized.

(Anoop) #2

No, is not possible. All images must be associated with a name space which is either a user or an organization. For e.g: or where operations is an organization created within DTR.

If you could not push an image under admin, it could be because you need to first create the repository and then try pushing the image into that repository. Or it could be that you have not logged in as a user who has permission to write into that repository.

(Chris Fordham) #3

Thank you for reply anoop. Its good to have confirmation, we’ll decide on an org for our ‘base’ images. Cheers.

(Anoop) #4

You’re most welcome!

(Srikarm) #5

Global/Root name space should be considered as a feature request since most organizations would like to have base images as dockerregistryhost/image:tag.

(Alm. Brand Docker admins) #6

You could make an org called “library” or “_” (if underscore is a valid name), see if it works like with Docker Hub? Official images there are actually under such an org.

(Srikarm) #7

thanks…tried this it did not work. It would not accept _ even though the message says ‘_’