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Inconsistent driver and libnetwork state for endpoint


(Paweł) #1


After upgrading Docker Engine from 18.03.1 to 18.06.0 I noticed following error message: Inconsistent driver and libnetwork state for endpoint ... This message is shown few times with different endpoints it is repeated every 15 minutes and it is present only on fist node in cluster.

I also tried clean installation and it did not solved this issue.

In general I do not see any impact on cluster behavior - everything is working as I expected.

I have a cluster with 6 nodes (5 managers) with Docker Engine 18.06 and 93 services deployed using stacks. I also have 20 other environments with Docker Engine 18.03.1 without this issue running same software. Everything is running on Ubunutu 16.04 on AWS.

Any idea what could cause that or how can I debug what may be wrong?