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"IndexServerAddress": "" can this URL be changed?

(Ralph Kincade) #1

I am running this command from the docker admin guide

sudo bash -c “$(docker run docker/trusted-registry info)”

I am seeing and entry in the results

“IndexServerAddress”: “

what would happend if I changed this to my local DTR address ?

how would I do that?


(Jeff Anderson) #2

The IndexServerAddress is not a runtime tunable parameter.

What behavior are you hoping to achieve by changing that parameter?


(Ralph Kincade) #3

Hi Jeff!!!

I wanted to have the docker run or pull command never to look at docker hub
for images

I want to pull down and populate a DTR with some known good images the cut
off access to any repository that is public , only allowing push/pull from
the DTR

(Jeff Anderson) #4

The only way to prevent the docker engine from contacting the official docker hub will have to be some sort of firewall rule or dns intercept. This would happen on the hosts running the docker engine, and not at the DTR level.

For example, you could add to the localhost line in your /etc/hosts file. This would work as long as you don’t run anything on Docker would just get a connection refused any time it tried to reach out to the official docker registry.