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Injecting dump.rdb into an image


(Yeonghoey) #1

My project is based on Scala, depends on Redis and its data.

We use local Redis while develop, which means
if my coworker adds a new feature related Redis data and push it,
I can’t run and test it correctly.
Eventually I’m planing to make our Jenkins, perform tests,(We’re using it for deploying only)
but this will cause test inconsistencies.

Generating data takes time(some kind of machine learning tasks).
It sizes about 50~500MB.
So It’s performed every morning by another service.

I’ve been finding solutions to solve this problem, and met docker.

With a little grasp of Docker,
I devised a plan to bake dump.rdb into our custom redis image and
make members to push alongside the code.

I’ve been finding use cases like this(I think it’s probable idea)
but I failed.

How do you think?
Can I go forward with this?
Can you advice me any expecting problems?