Install Docker binary on a server without root access

I have a server by a provider without any root access. It is not possible to write scripts in /etc/ or /var/lib/docker. Docker is not installed. My idea is to install and run docker in directory. I will install docker with a shell script. The script should be able to be started from any directory without root access.

When the script starts ./docker/dockerd --data-root=docker/var/lib/docker I get this error message.

WARN[2018-11-17T18:26:19.492488618+01:00] Error while setting daemon root propagation, this is not generally critical but may cause some functionality to not work or fallback to less desirable behavior dir=docker/var/lib/docker error=“error getting daemon root’s parent mount: open /proc/self/mountinfo: permission denied”
Error starting daemon: open /var/run/ permission denied

dockerd has so many parameter. Here for the pidfile: -p | *–pidfile[=/var/run/]

Thank you for the help




./docker/dockerd --data-root=docker/var/lib/docker