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Install Docker on different directory. Ubuntu Vivid 15.04

(Fmontada) #1

Hi team
with this command “$ curl -sSL | sh” we are able to install Docker on Ubuntu.
Question, How can we change the default docker installation directory. because we need to install docker on a AWS EBS to persist the installation.


(Ranjandas) #2


For this to work you can mount the AWS EBS to /var/lib/docker so that once the docker daemon starts it will create the required FS layout inside /var/lib/docker


(Fmontada) #3

Hi ranjandas thanks for your replay

Our problem is that we are using Atlassina Bamboo onDemand (AWS) for Continues Integration and the AMI that they provide come with Docker 1.5.0 , with this version of Docker we are no able to push Images to the Docker Hub , we read that version has some incompatibility.

The Atlassian team support suggest install Docker on a EBS and use this installation instead of the one that come with the AMI

could you check the link below


(Ranjandas) #4

Hi Francisco

Unfortunately both your links are private. So I won’t be able to take a look at it.

If an old version of Docker is causing the issue why can’t you upgrade the docker version in the AMI.