Install doesn't work if hololens emulator is installed

I downloaded the latest beta install for Windows today. I have previously had the virtualbox version.

The install finished fine, but could not initialized and failed with line in the log:

Failed to create Switch “DockerNAT”: The parameter is incorrect.

I also had Microsoft Hololens Emultator installed and it seems to have confused the script.

I run get-netnat and found Microsoft Emulator Nat Instance, which I removed with remove net-nat -Name

After removing it seems to run fine. Shouldn’t require removing the emulator though.

I just had the same problem with the same resolution yesterday.

Have you tried reinstalling the hololens emulator yet to see if works with Docker installed first?

Thanks, good idea. I don’t use the emulator right now, so it doesn’t matter, but will try that if I need it again.