Installing Docker Plugins KIlls Ability To Login To Server

Good Day,

I have 5 Docker Servers and have been installing the following plugins :


After installation or even updates I can no longer do remote logins or console logins and have to restart and login via console. The reason being is that there is a second devpts mount point, second below with just options, causes issues :

rw,relatime,mode=600,ptxmode=000 (This is original entry and works)
rw,nosuid,noexec,relatime,gid=5,mode=620,ptmxmode=666 (This one adds itself when fiddling with plugins)

I have to umount /dev/pts twice then :

mount devpts /dev/pts -t devpts

Everything is fine again until anything relating to plugins is performed.

Using RHEL 7.4 and latest Docker CE … anybody experiencing the same ? or have a solution ?

UPDATE : I have found the following where I have added a comment … it could be the plugins -



Hi, the same here, i have uninstalled the plugin and everything is ok now.

Good Day,

I have installed a CentOS 7.4 machine and used the native version of Docker … 1.13 and the plugins work fine. I am guessing the plugins are not yet compatible with the latest Docker CE.

I will be updating my query with this info at GitHub with VMWare.