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Integrating DTR with UCP


(Adyanthaya17) #1


I’m facing an error when it comes to pulling the docker image as it throws an error:

Repository does not exist.

I have pulled out the hello-world image on the primary ucp and I have logged into the docker on my dtr instance from where I’m trying to push the image.

Thank you.

(Janarj02) #2

Hi ,

Am trying to add DTR with UCP , am getting error like

[root@ind2bzr0121 UCP]# docker run -it --rm \

docker/dtr install
–ucp-username admin --ucp-password Hello@123
–ucp-ca "$(cat ucp-ca.pem)"
INFO[0000] Beginning Docker Trusted Registry installation
INFO[0000] Validating UCP cert
INFO[0000] UCP cert validation successful
ERRO[0001] Make sure that there is a node in your UCP cluster where port 80 and port 443 are open. Also confirm that all UCP node have the DTR images or can obtain them from Docker Hub.
FATA[0001] Problem running container ‘dtr-phase2’ from image ‘docker/dtr:2.0.2’: Couldn’t create container ‘dtr-phase2’ from image ‘docker/dtr:2.0.2’: Error response from daemon: Unable to find a node that satisfies the following conditions
[available container slots]
[ node!]