Interdependence of tags on the hub

Is it possible to set a build order for tags on the hub? For example in harmishhk/ros I have several tags. Where one tag (e.g. harmishhk/ros:jade-robot) is base image for another tag (harmishhk/ros:jade-navigation). In this case the automated builds takes previous version of the base image. What I would like to have is control over builds for each tag, e.g. by specifying build order for tags. Is it possible with the hub?

You can’t set dependencies within a single repo, but you can set up a “Linked Repo”. Say I have an image with a base image that is in the ‘ubuntu’ repo. I would add ‘ubuntu’ as a link, and that’d cause my image to rebuild any time any tag in the ubuntu repository was updated, whether it’s the exact tag I’m inheriting FROM or not.

Any plans to add this? I’d like to have an onbuild version do FROM the other version in the repo, but it builds in the wrong order, meaning the onbuild on fails.