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Introducing Docker Cloud Beta Swarm Mode


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Docker Cloud Users,

The latest release of Docker Cloud is now available with public beta availability of Swarm Mode.

In Docker 1.12, Swarm Mode was introduced as a simple way to natively manage a cluster of Docker Engines. From the Docker Engine CLI, it became possible to provision a secure and fully-distributed node cluster on which to deploy highly available and scalable applications.

Today, we’re introducing new cloud-enabled capabilities that will make it even easier for individuals and teams to provision and manage swarms across multiple regions or cloud providers. With Swarm Mode support in Docker Cloud, you can quickly provision swarms to popular cloud providers using Docker Community Edition (CE), register existing swarms with Docker Cloud, and use your Docker ID to authenticate and securely access personal or team swarms.

Swarm Collaboration

You can also use Swarm Mode in Docker Cloud to access any Docker swarms available to your organizations. Organizations have full control over what teams have access to which swarms. Allowing you, for example, to grant your development team access to your “staging” swarms, and your operations team access to your “production” swarms.

Enabling Swarm Mode in Docker Cloud

  • Existing Docker Cloud users: If you are already a Docker Cloud user, just click the Swarm Mode toggle to enable the Swarm Mode interface. You will still have access to all existing features for managing node clusters by switching the Swarm Mode toggle to off. Swarm management replaces node cluster management features when Swarm Mode is enabled.

  • New Docker Cloud users: If you just signed up as a new Docker Cloud user, Swarm Mode is the default web interface. Once you sign in, you are ready to get started managing and deploying your apps with Swarm Mode in Docker Cloud.

Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows Integration

If you or your team are using Docker for Mac or Docker for Windows, you can now access swarms registered with Docker Cloud directly from your desktop. Simply login with your Docker ID to see a list of all your accessible swarms registered with, or provisioned by Docker Cloud. From there, it’s a single click to securely connect to any swarm and begin managing it. You and your team can easily check the status of an existing application or deploy new applications right from within your local shell.

Note: fleet management for swarms and other integrations with Docker Cloud are currently only available in the Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows beta channel.

This release marks a first step towards an integrated Swarm Mode experience that will be continually enhanced and expanded upon in the coming months. We invite you to try out our Beta of Swarm Mode in Docker Cloud along with the latest updates and (as always) share your feedback in the Forums!

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-The Docker Cloud Team

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