IP conflicts with existing network stack

I had a horrible frustrating time with my first docker/virtualbox experiences:

I was in the office with my notebook, Intel core 2 Duo, 3.5GB usable memory.
After getting it to run with the latest Virtual box release 4.3.26 with display in a window I soon noticed that I ran out of memory and decided to continue working with it on my home machine. Amd64, 8GB. But virtualbox refused to run due to some VM incompatibilities. After having gotten this solved I could start boot2docker.

But suddenly my local home network wasn’t running anymore. First I thought my provider had an outage but when I took my notebook and saw that it couldn’t connect to
the WLAN either it began to dawn on me that it must have to do with docker grabbing 192.168.x.x for its network stack making the WLAN 192.168.x.x defunct.

To make a long story short: where in boot2docker is the knob to configure which network address it is gonna be using?