Ip host lookup issue

Hi All,
My simulator running every 30 min and executing set of operation by calling microservice X, X service needs to call Y or Z service based on some condition, All service health is fine, most of time the first call in every 30min from simulator is failing due to Read timeout… Did the TCP dump and found that IP lookup for X to Y or Z taking time around 20 sec… after the first call everything working fine… Not sure how to resolve this issue.

Need some light how to solve this issue.

It looks like the first dns lookup is taking time. To narrow it down, try calling by ip address and check. If dns is the problem, check the /etc/resolv.conf if there is anything wrong. Typically, Docker uses its own dns server for internal services. Only should be present in /etc/resolv.conf. I have seen issues when there are additional entries causing problem.

Thanks… I will check the config.