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IPv6 container woes

Because I am a new user I can only post two links.

I followed this tutorial to make a traefik docker setup for a home theater. Everything works great for ipv4 space, and the host OS has no problems with IPv6 space. If I set a container to host network driver the container can happily ping ipv6 space without issue. If I set a container to default bridge, it cannot. The shared network all the containers have in docker-compose called t2_proxy allows the containers themselves to communicate together via http appname port versus a ip address that can change over time, like when containers are taken up and down.

I have tried remaking the network with the ipv6 flag, setting cidr in my docker daemon, setting subnet, and several other things. I am at a loss on what to do so I can communicate directly over ipv6 space. My server only has one uplink, hurricane electric, on ipv6 space: this uplink is significantly faster than the mix of uplinks like china telecom I have on ipv4 space where my transit turns to dust. I do not know what to do, and I assume that I “should” be able to use ipv6 space inside containers?

Does anyone have any suggestions, thanks in advance.