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Is docker cloud being discontinued?


(Valkyriestudios) #1

Is docker cloud being discontinued? I haven’t seen any release notes or updates to the docker cloud platform since June 2017?

If this is the case, what are the alternatives for Docker Cloud ?

(Valkyriestudios) #2

Seeming as I posted this, and after 2 days there was no reply yet from anyone at Docker … I guess so :confused:. Will start looking at solutions to move away from docker cloud then.

(Klaveness) #3

There is another thread: What is the point of the new (beta) Swarm Mode? paints the picture on the attitude towards Docker cloud.

We are abandoning docker cloud as we speak. Kubernetes hosted on Azure (AKS).

(Valkyriestudios) #4

Thanks for the reply klaveness. At the moment we’re in the works of building our own solution :confused: Docker Cloud looked like such an interesting tool to use. Too bad docker inc decided to pull the plug.

We woul’ve loved continuing to use docker cloud, but seeming as they’re charging 15$/month per node for a solution that isn’t being actively maintained and for which the tooling is bare to say the least :confused: it’s a pity

(Valkyriestudios) #5

@klaveness well, I guess we have our answer. Very fun that the notice is 60 days … :’), moving away from anything docker at the moment.