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Is docker suitable for running 'CLI' SD card flasher applications?

Like I’ve said before in other threads, I want to able to run manjaro-arm-installer on any platform.
I have to add that this application uses linux dialog, so it’s a CLI app.

Manjaro-arm-installer runs a lot of systemd programs, needs access to devices, write partitions and so forth, that doesn’t seem to be solved with a simple --volume=/sys/fs/cgroup:/sys/fs/cgroup:rw --privileged addition to a docker run -it command.

It’s making me question if docker is even the right virtualization tool for this.
That is why I ask: Is docker suitable for running SD card flasher applications, in particular manjaro-arm-installer?

I’m currently using Vagrant + Virt-manager and that seems to be so far for what I’m looking for, since it seems to provides another level of security for the SD card flasher application manjaro-arm-installer . I can recall manjaro-arm-installer in docker showing the host’s device /dev/sda and I would rather have people following my tutorial not have that option at all. Since libvirt has /dev/vda this is much more reassuring.