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Is it possible to pull images from a private registry?

(Miwalker) #1

The Pull Images button seems to be pulling from Docker Hub. Is there a place to configure a private registry to pull from there?

(Vivek Saraswat) #2

Hi miwalker, while that is not available in the current beta version, it is in the pipeline.

(Miwalker) #3

Thanks for the reply. Is it planned for GA?

(Vivek Saraswat) #4

Integration with Docker Trusted Registry for GA is the current expectation, yes.

(Miwalker) #5


Does that also cover our own private registries? If not, is that in the pipeline as well and is there an estimated date when that would be available?

(Astewart) #6

Just FYI, you can still pull from your private docker hub account (or any other) through the regular Docker CLI, and then spin up containers from that image through UCP.

(Clearleap) #7

Bump on the timeline request. Private registry isn’t optional for us.

(Vivek Saraswat) #8

Hi folks, thanks for the feedback. At GA you can likely expect UCP GUI integration with DTR which may not cover other private registries, but I have brought this issue to the engineering team for the future pipeline.

In the meantime, as astewart pointed out you can pull images from the Docker CLI from any registry as normal and bring containers up in UCP.

(Scottpuleo) #9

@vsaraswat I am trying to use the method you described (pulling images from the CLI) but I am getting an error no matter what name I use for the image name. I can see the image in the images section of UCP, I just cannot spin it up. Am I missing something really basic?

It worked for me once I pulled the image for all the nodes in my cluster

(Alex Rhea) #10

@vsaraswat my team has been using DTR since the 0.7.1 release from the CLI. We would be happy to share our method for integrating with a private repository. As of 0.8.0 there is integration with the DTR in the UCP UI.


(Vivek Saraswat) #11

I wanted to surface this issue again–It is now possible in v1.0.1 to pull from a private registry through the UI. When deploying a container in the UI, there is a field for inputting your login and password for the private registry (identified when you select the image). For security reasons this is a one-time login and UCP doesn’t save the credentials.

Somehow this got missed in the v1.0.1 release notes–I will make sure they are updated.