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Is it possible to run Dynamics CRM on Docker?


(Yennyrcc02) #1

Has anyone had experience running Dynamics CRM on Docker?

(Mansi Trivedi) #2

Yes say,what you want to know regarding dynamic crm development.

(Steven Parker) #3

The VMs are pre-configured. There are no setup files available for development environments. So you have to use the VMs. Probably wait for the ‘local business data’ option if there will be a setup for a development environment, but I’m not sure. The information will become available within a few days.

With new version of AX you have two types of environments: dev\test and sandbox\production.

Dev\Test is just a singlebox VM that could be run locally or deployed to cloud.

Sandbox\Production have different topology including Azure SQL and deployed automatically to Azure by LCS, we don’t have any control over deployment process. Talking about Production we cannot event RDP there, all controlled and services by MS.

you want to know regarding dynamic crm development