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Is it possible to runn docker engine on android devices

(Jasimahmed93) #1

as android uses linux kernel so will it be possible to run the docker containerized technology in android so that to run different apps on it.

(Bryce Ryan) #2


Based on the documentation here: , the docker engine is not currently supported on any version of Android. This sounds like an interesting suggestion and request. You may want to search the issues at the docker/docker repo on github for any similar requests, and if none exists, considering adding one.


(Jasimahmed93) #3

thanks … i will look forward to it.

(Atodamadresiempre) #4

I’m using Termux and I’m impresed how good it works for node.js. I was looking to do the same, run docker commands from my Termux terminal. Please post here if you find something of interest about Docker containers on Android.


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(Digitaloak) #5

With solutions like Samsung DeX or Huawei EMUI, docker on Android could be a big step forward for developers and people in the IT.

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(Kojaman) #6

Same for me, I suppose it won’t take long before mobile phones replace laptops completely. I now mostly hook up my laptop to a big screen at home and at work… Might as well hook up my smartphone. Not a lot of difference there I’d say…

I’ll try and see if I can find anything about it in the requests.

Looking forward to this, thanks.

(Yong) #7

I just don’t want to see all the computing power wasted on my old phone. Can’t wait to see docker swarm running on Andriod

(scue) #8

I already running dockerd in android, after custom the android kernel, look pictures below:

adb connect to the device, and the output of docker -v

Yes, it’s 100% android device, and ARM architecture.:kissing_heart:

Is it possible to run containers on android devices?
(Sundew) #9

Finally. Great work. Can you share more details? Which board? RPi, or tinker?

(Dbenisch) #10

Great work. Is this open source and available for others to use?



I’ve tried to run dockerd on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T720 with Linux 4.9.112.

So I’ve build the latest docker client (docker) & server (dockerd) on my android, though only the client is really working. (e.g. specifying the DOCKER_HOST which is running somewhere else).

The docker server (dockerd) cannot run because it needs an access to the cgroups/namespaces which is restricted on non-rooted Android. (probably by the SELinux policy?)

Maybe someone can try with the rooted Android?

Here are my instructions for building the docker client & server on android itself. It’s pretty fast, less than 5 minutes.

Andrey Arapov