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Is it possible to scale a specific node?

(Ohadgk) #1

I have a node cluster containing one node from digitalocean.
In digital ocean I can resize my droplet. 2 questions:

  1. What will happn to my stack if ill resize the droplet? is the load balancer url will change?
  2. Is it possible to scale the node from docker cloud?


(Geoff Bowers) #2

Resizing a droplet in DO will turn off the instance, killing all containers on the node. When the node comes back online, only services that are set to deploy every_node will redeploy. All the other services in your stack will remain stopped.

The url for the service endpoint never changes.

No. All the nodes in a nodecluster are the same. Once you lock in the droplet type the only way to change it is to destroy the nodecluster and create a new one with a different droplet size.

(Geoff Bowers) #3

By scaling nodes I’m assuming you mean resizing the underlying server instance; for example, DigitalOcean droplet size or EC2 instance type.

A very effective way of updating your nodecluster instance type is to:

  • create a brand new nodecluster of a larger base instance size
  • redeploy your Stack to the new nodecluster
  • destroy the old nodecluster

By using deployment tags to target different clusters, coupled with a careful bit of container scaling, you can upgrade your nodecluster base instances without an outage.

(Ohadgk) #4

Thank you for the great info @modius! I just followed your advice and its perfect and simple.