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Is it possible to see the physical devices attached to windows 7 host machine in ubuntu container

(Pankajigec26) #1

i have a windows 7 machine with docker tool box installed

i downloaded image and running container which have adb installed in it from below link

The container is up and running, with container id mentioned below


on my host machine(windows 7) , i have nexus 6 connected and i can see the result with

adb devices

C:\Users\panmishr>adb devices List of devices attached

  • daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
  • daemon started successfully
  • ZY2235CQ26 device

i killed the adb daemon in local host machine with

adb kill-server

Now i am trying to check the devices on container with below command, however it is not showing any devices mapped to container.

$ docker run -i -t -d -p 5037:5037 muicoder/adb:latest adb devices

docker exec 9ba51613a7be adb devices

let me know if is it even possible to map the devices from windows7 Host to linux container?