Is there a realistic way that one could run VMware Worktation Pro and Docker Desktop for Wndows at the same time without credential guard warnings?

I’m having a hard time getting to use Docker for Windows and VMware Workstation Pro 15,.5.1 at the same time. VMware runs fine and I use Docker.

So I also wanted to use Docker for Windows, enabled Hyper-V and Container features and et voila. Now VMware complains about the incompatibility of the device guard. Which is very annoying!

So I found a PS script for disabling this (DGreadiness tool) and I deactivate all of his during the next boot which gives me VMware back. No however Docker for Windows moans that hardware virtualization is switched off and I must enable it.

Is there a way that anyone would be able to run both together? Sorry bit of a rant. Let me know if you need more information.